So what do we do at Second Chance Homestead when we need a fresh and minty head of hair? Most store bought shampoos have creepy chemicals, dicey dyes, freaky fragrances, and long lists of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce or recognize! But not us at the Homestead. We like it lean and serene. To keep it clean, we go GREEN. We make our own natural shampoo out of natural ingredients in just three easy steps!

Join the SCH beauty revolution! Watch this 4 minute film to find out how you TOO can make shampoo with built-in conditioner and nothing nasty added using Second Chance Homestead’s secret “nothing to question” recipe. It’s even PEPPERMINT SCENTED!

Your scalp will thank you!

FRIENDS: 2me4art and Amy Begun Saab

pots by amy

2me4art and Amy Begun Saab

I’m not always so tech savvy about this blogging thing. I never quite understand how some random person will come across my blog. But it does happen. I get an email from wordpress that tells me someone saw my blog and “thought it was pretty cool” and then gives me links to where I can check out their blog-life.

assemblage by amy

I just had to share this blog with you. 2me4art by Amy Saab who illuminates the sublime with her photographs of beauty hiding in unexpected places.

To see much, much more and experience the transcendent visit