One of the things that disturbs me most is when certain B-list celebrities grab hold of concepts like “ORGANIC” and turn them into their cause celebre (and newest moneymaker) via marketing spin. A sucker is born every minute. But sometimes the sucker is being sucked by an even bigger sucker. Allow me to explain.  Case in point. Suzanne “Sucker” Summers, who makes her home in the Coachella Valley and makes her money by exploiting every health and body craze that surfaces. Why is she a sucker? Because she believes her own press, and has bought into the propaganda put out on the right about the Affordable Care Act (read on).

Before going into her views on “Obamacare,” let’s talk about her latest marketing endeavor. Here she is this month on the cover of GOING ORGANIC magazine, distributed widely for free throughout the Coachella Valley. I always note the irony of this publication because it’s printed on Glossy paper that isn’t recycled and doesn’t even break down easily in a compost bin. But that’s a different story for another time.


And what is GOING ORGANIC magazine doing this month besides raking in cash from all of its’ advertisers and contributing to landfill waste with it’s used and unused copies? Why, it’s shilling for Suzanne Somers’ new moneymaker, a line of health and beauty products that capitalizes on the concept of organic.


Oh no. Here she goes (blows). If it’s not the Thighmaster or another poorly written book, it’s going to be something to try and help you save face. Organically of course.

Proving that a good publicist can get you coverage almost anywhere and on almost any topic, she was recently featured in the WALL STREET JOURNAL giving her opinion on “Obamacare.” The Somers summation? It’s a “socialized ponzi scheme.”

She goes on to criticize the Canadian health care system because she is intimately informed about it since her husband hails from that country up north (remember him? Alan Hamel? He used to do commercials for the ALPHA BETA supermarket chain back in the 1980’s. He isn’t just a ‘has been.’ He’s also a Canadian).


Suzanne Somers Canadian husband shilling for the Alpha Beta Supermarket chain in a 1980’s era television commercial

Then she makes her first big blunder: she compares the ACA to the system in Canada as if they were one and the same.

Canada has a single-payer system. The ACA just requires Americans to purchase insurance from private health care companies on an exchange. Apples and oranges, but it’s all the same fruit to this nut. To add insult to injury (and to push her “socialism” claim) she falsely attributes quotes to Lenin and Churchill, which the WSJ was forced to print a retraction for and correct online. Ooops!

The final laughable moment comes when she laments that healthcare will be so unaffordable for seniors that they won’t be able to afford her new Organics line. She ignores the fact that seniors remain covered under Medicare, which IS a single-payer system just like the system in Canada she originally criticized. It’s a lot more “socialized” than anything the ACA will produce.

Three might have been company, but with this kind of loony logic it’s starting to feel like a crowd. Come on Suzanne. Get a grip.

But that’s not the point, really. We know what Suzanne is up to, because it’s what she’s always up to. She’s trying yet again to appear relevant, because she just wants you to know that she has a new line of products called SUZANNE ORGANICS. She’s pulled this trick before (anyone remember the Thighmaster?) And if you use these new products along with her Thighmaster and buy a couple of her books you won’t even need health insurance anyway. This is why her publicist convinced the WSJ to give her a silly platform. It’s not about selling healthcare or insurance. It’s about selling her products, which in all their permutations always boil down for Ms Somers to some version of “ME…ME….and more ME.”


To read a great Daily Kos story about Suzanne’s expert opinion on “Obamacare” click here

To send a note to GOING ORGANIC magazine and ask them why they don’t print on recycled paper and prefer to go all glossy or ask them why they are willing to shill for a nutcase like Suzanne contact publisher Estelle Foster at or editor David Stern at

To watch husband Alan Hamel in a 1981 Alpha Beta commercial click here

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