Would-Works Helps Make Artisans Out of Folks Who Need A Second Chance

An old friend of mine once reminded me that even though we like to set our sights on affecting the whole world for the causes we believe in, the best way to do that is to work within our own sphere of influence, the places and relationships close to home where we can truly make a difference.
A young visionary at 26, Connor Johnson wanted to find a way to offer work opportunities to the people he met on L.A.’s infamous skid row, where he spent a year working as part of AmeriCorps. He kept meeting people, homeless and impoverished, who said they actually WOULD WORK if someone just gave them a chance.
And so he did., founding Would-Works, a social enterprise that employs and trains artisans to create hand-finished cutting boards that are being sold at various boutiques across Los Angeles and online. The artisans earn $10 per hour of work that is banked and held with the purpose of helping the artisan achieve some predetermined goal, such as a first month’s rent or a pair of new eyeglasses. One the goal is reached, Would-Works cuts a check.
In a nod toward the dignity of each human being who works to finish a cutting board, artisans are honored with a tag on each board that they helped create, along with a note about the goal they worked to achieve.
Would-Works boards are available at the socially conscious online shopping platform Roozt.com as well as directly from the Would-Works website.

For more information or to buy a board got to http://www.would-works.com

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