Phoenix knows that a water table is like a checking account. You can’t withdraw more water than is actually down there.

Recently I wrote about groundwater issues in the nearby Coachella Valley. But apparently overuse is a problem statewide, according to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times.

California sources a third of it’s water from the ground – more than any other state. But it doesn’t really know how much is down there. It’s never tallied it up.

From the article:

“Imagine having a checking account, never keeping track of withdrawals and not worrying about the declining balance. As irresponsible as this might sound, it is precisely how we deal with most groundwater, not only in California but in much of the United States.”

It would be nice to know how much groundwater we’ve got, before it all gets contaminated by fracking. But that’s another story.

To read the full LA Times article click on this link http://www.latimes.com/opinion/commentary/la-oe-famiglietti-california-groundwater-20130923,0,7356002.story


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