BLUEBERRY’D (blue buried?) TREASURE…


So I was digging in the yard and found these two beautiful blue berry colored tiles. It is amazing what you can find in the desert dirt. It’s not a wasteland. It’s a treasure chest.

I take pleasure in small things and unexpected finds. These two work perfectly as coasters to protect the antique suitcase I use as a nightstand next to my bed.

Reminds me of the plot of my favorite Swedish children’s film from the 1970’s. No, it’s not one of the Pippi Longstocking yarns. It’s DUNDERKLUMPEN!, a mixed animation/live action (think Roger Rabbit) written by and starring Beppe Wolgers. He’s the guy who played Pippi Longstocking’s father, so there is a connection. I guess the world of children’s film in Sweden circa 1974 was small after all.


Beppe’s son Jens has a treasure chest which gets stolen by a lonely old man named Dunderklumpen. He also steals some of Jens toys which come to life and call out to their pal to rescue them. So Jens and his father begin the chase. Dunderklumpen hightails it out of the woods and all over Southern Sweden, never having time to stop and open the treasure chest which he is convinced must be full of money.


When at last the chest is opened, those looking on find only the treasures of a child: a feather, a dandelion, and a rock. Those are the kinds of things I’d like to keep in my treasure chest. And those are the kinds of treasures (and simple pleasures) I like to find. 

You can catch the trailer for the film at

2 thoughts on “BLUEBERRY’D (blue buried?) TREASURE…

  1. Is that the same cool luggage you used for a coffee table waaaay back when you lived in Long Beach? If so, glad to see you still have it.

  2. Yes, indeed. That and a few other vintage suitcases have made the journey with me all the way to Joshua Tree. I’ve turned to collecting old antique alarm clocks now. They pack and move easier.

    BTW, a good friend of mine is preparing to move just outside Portland to go to graduate school there. He starts his program in September, but already bought a house between Mt. Hood and Portland. I think Portland is about 45 mins. drive from him but he wanted to be out of the “city.” Close, but not right in it. He moves in around July 1st and I’m planning on going up to visit sometime in August before he gets hunkered down in his studies. I’ve never been to PDX in the middle of summer, and I hear it can be beautiful.

    Someday I’ll be having tea with you and Steve there because I just have this feeling that you will live there before your time here is through. Your time here on earth (not in LA). LOL! You can tell I’m in treatment for cancer — philosophical, musing on death, the future, the last phases of life….I’m doing great after two chemo treatments. For some reason, no hair loss, nausea, or vomiting. Just tiredness. And one thing that I remember you told me years ago. You said something like “Chemo makes you constipated so that it feels like you’re shitting a rock.”

    I can now tell you — Yes it really fucking does.

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